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Shoe business is undoubtedly among one of the world's most lucrative businesses of today. The shoe business is and continues to be a continuous growth of innovative trends which would continue to change as the time goes by. Hence it is a business which would continue to thrive so far people and fashion exist.

Because of its popularity and needfulness, the shoe business continues to grow as more people who can make good shoes fall in the trend as more innovative concepts of shoes continue to be created. To prove this in 2008 alone, the American Apparel and Footwear Association reported that an estimated number of Americans bought a total of 2.3 billion pairs of shoes, which some were an estimated 887 million rubber footwear bought by the females.

Thus this is clearly the reason why we have a huge number of talented entrepreneur entering the shoe business and more continue to force their way into the market as well. The shoe business perhaps is one of the most lucrative businesses which one can enter into so far he has the zeal and talent to compete with the rest. The business is consistently open to new talents who can produce what the customers would like and cherish.

Hence, the business is not limited to anyone and so anyone who has the passion for making shoes can enter the market armed with his knowledge of the business. The aim of this article is to educate you who are looking to go into the shoe business on how to start on the business and make a headway into its production.

Before you start on the shoe production business, you need to make your own market research and identify who would be your potential customers and target market.

You also, need to make a study on if the brands you are aiming to create has all the requirements people readily need for use. Items such as shoes/ sneakers, sports trainers or even an Awesome custom Pug Canvas Shoes, can be created to reach out to your target market.

The first thing to do if you are prepared for the creation of shoes is to first find a worthy shoe designer and work with the person for some period of time until you perfect the work. During the time of apprenticeship, you should focus specifically on characteristics such as the comfortable fit, the trendy look of the shoe and the type of materials used in the shoe production. These characteristics should stand out as a brand for your upcoming products.

The second thing to work on is to recognize a shoe manufacturer who can approve of the shoe designs you might have desired. This smaller shoe producer is only concerned with making a shoe which you have approved in small scale but he is also concerned with improving the quality of your shoe until it has made debut in the market.


The best way to make this work in your favor is to get a manufactured shoe design and order on minimum qualities. The next step is to set a price tag for the shoes you have created in your brand. The prices set for the shoes shouldn’t be too affordable but moderate. Some people judge the quality of a shoe by the price and some people tend to buy expensive shoes because they believe it has what the cheap ones don’t have. In other to let your shoes have a smooth entry into the market then you just need to regulate the price of which the shoes can be afforded.
The next step to take is to become an active member of a shoe manufacturer and retailer association. Some associations like the American Apparel and Footwear Association and the National Shoe Retailers Association is among the many organizations that you can join to get your products into the market at a quick pace. How these organizations would assist is by regulating the industry and minimize the trade limits. Also, being in partnership with the associations would give you more information on how people work around the shoe market.

After this is done, the next thing is to create a design for your shoe brand. This can be seemingly done by the use of a graphic designer who specializes in creating logos which is useful for shoe branding. To do this you have to first check with the United States Patent and Trademark Office to make sure that you are not replicating a company’s name which is already in existence. The reason for this is that it is grievous and has a serious consequence when one is found to replicate the name of a company which is already in existence. Also, you may need to make a decision on the legal structure of your shoe business management and you need to register it with the United States Small Business Administration. The reason for this is that you need to pay the federal and state business taxes, which you are also responsible for collecting the sales tax as well.

You need to raise an awareness on your shoe brand and the way of which one can do this with a huge success include through the use of media forums like social media which include Twitter, Facebook, Gmail forum, WhatsApp among a host of many others. Also, you can ask on friends and family to publicize your products for you. This you can do by giving them a sample to wear to occasions or telling them to advertise the products on their Medias as well. The end aim of this is to create a huge awareness about your product which is likely to get more people craving for your products.

In order to go about on the start of the shoe production then you need to possess the following items which can assist with the start of your work, items like shoe designer, shoe manufacturer, graphics designer, capital, printer supplier, website designer and software, media accounts for the publications. After these items and materials have been provided then you can start on the production/design of your shoes.